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Our society has changed over the years – living a healthy lifestyle is not built into our culture. As a result chronic disease has increased dramatically. We all should be focused on reducing the burden of diabetes, obesity and asthma by addressing three related risk behaviors – LOW PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, POOR NUTRITION AND TOBACCO USE.

Did you know…

  Tobacco increases your risk for health problems, such as:

    – All types of cancer

    – Heart Disease

    – Lung Disease More facts

Did you know…

  Obesity in the United States has reached epidemic proportions for adults and children. Diabetes has increased 50% in 15 years.  Poor nutrition and low physical activity are the two main risk factors contributing to this epidemic.

  Asthma is a serious chronic lung disorder that affects adults and children.  Approximately one million adults and 250,000 children in New York have asthma.

  Did you know that 42% of adults in Jefferson County diagnosed with asthma report having an asthma attack in the past year.  Children in Jefferson County ages 0-8 have a much higher than average hospitalization rate for asthma.

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Obesity Affects Sex Life

These days we see marriages falling apart because of numerous reasons, they vary from emotional imbalances to physical weaknesses. But now another serious problem can cause couples to seek divorce – Obesity! Due to the sedentary lifestyle the modern world brings with it more and more people are becoming Obese.

What people don’t realize is obesity isn’t just a cosmetic problem. It also changes a person’s mindset. They start feeling frustrated and helpless and worry if their partner still loves them. As a result they also feel ashamed to expose their body and lack the confidence required to satisfy their partners sexually. It starts becoming traumatic and they are convinced that they are ugly and unattractive. Even convincing by the partner does provide satisfaction.

All these factors lead to insecurity creeping into the institution of marriage. Small things lead to big fights mainly because of misunderstanding and lack of communication. As a result obesity leads to depression and no matter how hard the partner tries it is tough to come out of it. This battle against the disorder may even lead to loosing happiness, your partner and in the end yourself!

So, you should not take obesity lightly. If you are following unhealthy eating habits you need to try and change them. If you are the type that puts on weight quickly, you need to follow a strict exercise pattern. You can even take the help of diet pills like Phentermine. These pills act as diet suppressants and as a result you do not feel the need to eat again and again and become satisfied by eating less. On the other hand, if the disorder has already inflicted damage you need to get in touch with your physician and ask for a weight loss plan or diet which best suits your body.

Now remember if your partner is overweight or obese then you need to provide support and make him/her start a good weight loss program. Apart from this you should make that extra effort so that your partner feels comfortable and find happiness again. Tell your partner that you are sexually attracted to him/her and try spending more time with them. But remember that obesity is a sensitive subject for them, so you must listen to them carefully and look at things from their point of view. Learn to be supportive of your partner in front of others and never talk about obesity in front of others.

A good way to deal with this disorder is by avoiding it. Act as if everything is normal and don’t let your partner feel something has gone wrong. Such problems are not supposed to hamper you from having a successful and happy sex life and family life. It can instead help you deepen the love you have for each other.

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